How do you Protect a Trademark in Other Countries?

Generally a separate trademark application is required in each country where protection is desired.
Canadian trademark owners should seriously consider registration of their trademarks in the United States. Otherwise, later expansion into the United States may be prohibited, or a change of trademark required, if the mark is later found to be unavailable there.
If registration in the United States is essential or desirable, then it may be advisable to do a U.S. trademark search before a Canadian search. It is generally more difficult to find an available trademark in the United States.
If the trademark appears to be available in the United States and Canada, then a Canadian application should be filed first. The United States application may be filed up to six months after the Canadian application and will get the filing date of the Canadian application. No use of the trademark in the United States is required to obtain registration if this procedure is followed.
Applications in other foreign countries should also be filed within six months of filing the Canadian application. They also get the filing date of the Canadian application under the International Convention.