Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Free 30 Minute Consultation – Centra Lawyers LLP

During a 30 minute initial free consultation one of our lawyers will consult with you on your matter and assess the legal issues. After this consultation you may choose to engage with our firm formally or handle the matter yourself. There is no obligation.

Important Notice: Free Consultation and legal advice – Centra Lawyers. Our firm must comply with the Law Society of British Columbia’s mandatory Client Identification Policy. To allow us to do so, new clients have to produce 2 forms of government issued identification, one of which must be a photo ID. Clients who cannot come to our offices, e.g. out of province or foreign clients, must comply with the requirements at a lawyer of our choice in that province or country.

Free Consultation Requirement

Reviewing our Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Any person receiving the benefit of a Initial or other Consultation (“IC”) is referred to as a Recipient; who confirms the following:

  1. The Recipient has taken note of the content of this document hereby acknowledges that he/she has read and understand the statements here below and the effect this has on his/her relationship and interaction with the Firm.
  2. The Firm is providing the IC as a free service to selected Recipients. The Firm has no legal obligation to do so and will deliver this service on its own terms and conditions.
  3. Should the Recipient not agree to the terms and conditions of service delivery, the Firm is not willing to deliver the services and the IC will not take place.
  4. The IC does not constitute a retainer of the Firm and will not create a Conflict of Interest. Only the physical written instruction of the Firm and signature of the Firm’s Retainer Agreement and acceptance of the Firm’s Standard Terms and Conditions constitutes a retainer, where after the Recipient becomes a Client of the Firm and a duty to avoid conflict will arise.
  5. At no time before the Firm is formally retained will it be deemed that the Firm will act solely and exclusively in the interest of the Recipient, or for the Recipient at all.
  6. Should the Recipient not retain the services of the Firm, the Firm will be free to represent any party in relationship to the matter to which the IC relates.
  7. The rules of the Law Society of British Columbia require that the Firm make it clear to any person who may perceive that there may be a conflict of interest, for who the Firm is acting. If the recipient retains the Firm after the IC, the Firm acts for the Recipient. If not, the Firm is free to act for who it pleases.
  8. During the IC the lawyer representing the Firm may will request and receive confidential information of the Recipient which information will be evaluated in the context of the matter under discussion. This information will be general information relating to the issue at hand and does not place the Firm in a position to obtain privileged information.
  9. However, should the Firm receive information that may lead to conflict, the Firm in its own discretion, will act in a manner that is in adherence with the rules of the Law Society of British Columbia. The Recipient will however not have the right to claim conflict.
  10. The recipient confirms that he/she has read and understand the content and effect the conflict provisions relating to this IC, and where the content was unclear to him/her, asked and received an acceptable explanation.

By clicking “I Accept” the Recipient confirms that the he/she agrees to the conflict provisions of his/her own free will without undue pressure from any third party.

The following applies to IC’s:

  • IC’s will only be held by prior appointment; no walk in client will be accepted.
  • The Recipient must identify the other party involved in the matter that is to be discussed in the IC to enable the firm to do a conflict search. (The Firm cannot act against its own clients)
  • No documents or any other materials will be accepted or reviewed before the IC.
  • The Recipient must complete his basic information before the IC starts.
  • IC’s last 30 minutes.
  • The Firm will endeavour to schedule the IC with a lawyer who specialises in the problem area. However, if that lawyer is not available, another lawyer may stand in.
  • Under no circumstances will the lawyer during the IC:
    • Witness signatures, i.e. on probate material;
    • Give an Initial Legal Assessment;
    • Review self-drafted documentation;
    • Review any contracts or other materials to an extent that the Recipient can act on the advice i.e. purchase agreement, lease agreement, etc.;
    • Give legal advice.
  • Any advice will be for the purpose of a basic review of the area of law.
  • No notes of the meeting will kept by the Firm. Notes, if any, will be electronic and will not be made available to the Recipient.
  • No copies of documents will be made or retained.

By clicking “I Accept” the Recipient confirms that the he/she has taken note of the restrictions in relation to the IC and agrees to abide thereby.

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Please read through our Terms & Conditions to proceed.

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