Strata Law

What is Strata Law?

Strata law relates to the statutes, regulations, bylaws and rules that regulate the legal relationships between the strata corporation, strata council, owners and third parties. This is an involved and intricate area of our law that is often subject to emotions and personal views. Having legal backup for strata corporations and owners alike is extremely important.

If you have a strata corporation or questions about strata law, our legal representative would be happy to assist with any of your question, by contacting us.

Strata Services

  • Review and update of the strata’s Bylaws and Rules
  • Prepare new Bylaws and Rules
  • Focused Legal Advice
  • Delinquent strata fee collections
  • Legal Opinions
  • Strata Litigation

Additional Services

  • Independent Legal Advice
  • Representation at strata and council meetings
  • Internal governance documents such as resolutions, authorizations, agreements, etc.
  • Legal letters to owners

Frequently Asked Questions on Strata Law

Independent Legal Advice (“ILA”) refers to legal advice given by a lawyer who is not involved in the transaction with the client. ILA is usually required by lenders and other sophisticated parties who want to ensure that their clients are fully informed of the content and consequences of a transaction. ILA should be obtained by any person who is self represented and who is involved in a transaction where all, or some, of the parties are represented by the same lawyer.

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