Commercial Leases

What is a Commercial Lease?

A Commercial Lease is a document (lease) between a landlord and a tenant of a commercial building (non-residential). In some cases there are different rules that apply to this relationship.

If you need assistance with a Commercial Lease document, please contact us.

Basic Services

  • Prepare new leases
  • Review existing leases
  • Act for landlord and tenant

Additional Services

  • Independent Legal Advice
  • Landlord Assist program for landlords
  • Advise on risk and risk management
  • Demand for arrears rent payments
  • Eviction
  • All related legal applications

Frequently Asked Questions on Commercial Leases

What is Independent Legal Advice and why is it important?
Independent Legal Advice (“ILA”) refers to legal advice given by a lawyer who is not involved in the transaction with the client. ILA is usually required by lenders and other sophisticated parties who want to ensure that their clients are fully informed of the content and consequences of a transaction. ILA should be obtained by any person who is self represented and who is involved in a transaction where all, or some, of the parties are represented by the same lawyer.

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